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Anput is a goddess from Egyptian mythology. She is also called Input, Inpewt and Yineput[1]. Her name is written in hieroglyphs as inpwt[2].

Mythology Edit

Anput is a female aspect of god Anubis[3]. She is his wife and mother of goddess Kebechet[4]. She is also a goddess of 17th nome of Upper Egypt.

Titles Edit

Anput's titles:

  • Mother of Light
  • Lady of the Holy Land
  • Lady of Heaven
  • The Dark Mother
  • Lady of Magic
  • Lady of the Circle
  • Lady of the Light and The Dark
  • Lady of Truth
  • She who is Crowned with Stars
  • She Who Protects
  • Queen of the Starry Heavens.

Art Edit

She was depicted as a woman wearing jackal standard of 17th nome or a woman with a head of jackal.[5]

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