Question: Nefertiti Fanon Cartouche: What are Processions?

  • Answer: The Nefertiti Fanonical Cartouche is a cultural staples, encouraging distinction and diversity. Therefore; the cartouche hosts different Processions; defined basically as a large collective of ethinically distinquihed bodies which contribute separately yet equally to the cartouche's campaigns.
  • An example of a procession and its role within the cartouche would be if a Tawainese/Chinese group or proxeum created a scripture, project, etc. it would be documented as:
" Nefertiti Procession: 'Tawainese/Chinese Procession...etc.' ".

For articles that are not large topics or main themes, use:

" Category: Nefertiti Procession; Tawainese/Chinese Procession...etc. "

so converting the title to a category. It is not necessary to include the word procession in the title, but if possible use either the title or category to distinguish which procession and to recieve credit.

Below is a listing of all processions recognized by Nefertiti Wiki:

Nefertiti Fanonical Cartouche Nefertiti Procession