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Question: Nefertiti Fanon Cartouche: What is the Nefertiti Fanonical Cartouche?

  • Answer: The Nefertiti Fanonical Cartouche is a repository of author's work in progress; it hosts productions of a mythological proportion which may not be ready for general release or publication. It is supported by a collaborative of publishers building upon the same foundation; which is the endoctrination of Nefertiti.
  • The cartouche is open to all standing members of Nefertiti Wiki and provides a learning environment to streamline the scripting and other construction processes in dealing with scripted fanon contributions. In joining the cartouche, members will have an opportunity to build there own dossier, a study term that defines a collection of documents used to build Sarcaphagus content and assemblies. Your dossier may consist of slideshows, templates, articles, presentations, licensing, exhibits and various symphonic references and or runtime materials. You may see a work in progress here.