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Welcome to the Nefertiti Cartouche Wiki

Nefertiti Cartouche
The Virtual Observatory for the Egyptian Deity 'Nefertiti'

Building a collaborative environment in observation of both canon and fanon mythological philosophies of the deity known as Nefertiti.

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Temple of Adu (Priestess 'Sedas')

Nefertiti is an ancient Egyptian goddess from mythology and contemporary literature. Here, will are building a knowledgebase of both realtime (canon) and runtime (fanon) artifacts on Nefertiti and her circle of other deities which make up her religion. This section called The Temple Scrolls represents that knowledgebase of stories and articles which collectively re-establishes her religion as true mythology. This repository provides a collaborative of provisions for authors and artists to contribute to the Temple Scroll project, by submitting storyboards, thesis, arcticles, pictures, licensed material, exhibits and special content to this wiki. Feel free to participate by signing up as a member.

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Basic Jurisdiction of this Wiki

On this site, you will have access to different information on the subject of mythological cartouche presentations. It should be established that there is a difference between Cartouche and Temples. A Cartouche is a production of mythological nature that builds upon the spiritual realm of the soul, endoctrinations, liturgical observation, prayers, afterlife, theological and the sarcophagus as a whole; while a Temple may contain both mythological adherents and one or more human voices.

Rendered Works Galleries

Nefertiti Wiki also hosts an exclusive gallery of Pseudominimalism, a form of art which deconstructs a completed rendering into two or more nuclear components. Seen below is a sample gallery of Nefertiti Wiki Pseudominimalistic works.

Nefertiti Wiki: Pseudominimalist Gallery
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Adherent Resources

*For the main article information page on this section; goto

This section of the site provides information for adherents, (parties strongly influenced or studying) seeking resources for cartouche-related topics. Such information may include statistics, employment data, lesson books, performer profiles, auditorium capacities, training and social demographics.

New Temples & Mansonries

This section is for our newest temples and shrines; hosted in part by our adherent members and proxeums. A temple is a project or other exclusive taskforce that focuses on a particular subject or theme. An example would be in observing waterworks in ancient times, you would create the article

Nefertiti Temples and Masonries: Ancient Waterwork Systems

Remember: Always use the correct namespace for your article that it might be documented accordingly. Also remember to add your proxeum's name in the article's category; i.e.:

Category: Nefertiti Temples and Masonries; Proxeum of the Nile Articles

Downloads & Redistributables

In this section, you will be able to participate in our Downloads & Redistributables project, which allows an exchange of various media between our members. There may be symphony-related music, images, videos and other re-distributable material and content from members such as yourself.